Product Care/Hygiene


  • If you are unsure of your sizing with thongs and knickers, please try them on over some other knickers, in case you need to return or exchange them. This is for hygiene purposes. 
  • It is advised to always wash your product before wearing for the first time unless of course it is body jewellery. 
  • Please always read the care label of each garment that you purchase. For longevity of all our fabric garments, we advise that it is best to hand wash them in cool water separately. If a customer chooses to wash their Intoxication product through a washing machine, Intoxication does not take any responsibility for shrinkage, dye run or damage caused to the garment.
  • Our garments are made of delicate materials, so please avoid coming into contact with sharp objects whilst wearing our product. If you must wear jewellery, please be mindful of the delicate nature of the fabric. We take no responsibility if there is any damage caused to our garment by any sharp objects or jewellery.